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Are you using 2 boxes of PT/INR Test Strips per month?

Is your PT/INR patient census around 100 per month?

You can receive up to 6 free CoaguChek XS Meters Today!

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Accurate and flexible technology

  • Accurate, precise results in one minute

  • The only system to perform onboard quality control and determine patient results in a single test chamber1,2

  • Neutralizes therapeutic levels of heparin and LMWH1

  • INR corrected for hematocrit within specified range - manage a broad array of patients with one device1

Easy and convenient to use

  • Small sample size (10μl) for easy dosing

  • Strip allows dosing from either top or side for simple blood application

  • 18-month strip shelf life - no refrigeration needed

  • Outside meter blood application - minimizes potential for cross-contaminiation1

  • Small, battery-powered, handheld meter for portability and efficiency

Efficient and cost-effective

  • New onboard controls - no external QC necessary

  • Auto-on with strip insertion and auto-off capabilities

  • Testing, treatment and potential revenue capture in one appointment3

  • fingerstick test that patients prefer4

The leader in point-of-care anticoagulation monitoring

Since 1994, Roche Diagnostics has helped healthcare professionals provide quality care to their patients with a PT/INR meter they trust. Find out why 4 out of 5 point-of-care PT/INR tests are performed with a CoaguChek® system.5 Contact your Omni Representative to schedule and in-office demonstration.

1 CoaguChek XS System package insert. Indianapolis, IN. Roche diagnostics Corporation, 2006.
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®Sytem package insert. Edison, NJ. ITC, 2006.
3 Campbell, P., Radensky, P., Denham, C. Economicanalysis of systematic anticoagulation managementvs. reoutine medical care for patients on oral warfarin. Disease Managementand Clinical Outcomes, December 2000.
4 FintelD. amd Holfman, C. The physician's guide to preventing strokes and lowering health risks in patients with atrial fibrillation. Northwest university Medical School, 1997.
5 Third quarter 2006 total market share of projected distributor unit sales of the Point of Care Testing Coagulation Reagents and Kits product class by HPIS Market Intelligence, a division of GHX Global Healthcaare Exchange. Total Market includes all market sectors as defined by HPIS:Physician, Long Term Care., Treatment Centers, Clinical Laboratory, Hospital, Home Healthcare and Other/Unspecified. Data on file.

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