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For your convenience Omni Medical Supply has placed a few of its catalogs on-line. You can download any of these catalogs and then either call us or place an order on-line.

Oncology Catalog
67 pages
3.7 Mb
10 Minutes with 56K Modem
2 Minutes with DSL/cable modem
Omni offers a wide array of products to serve the needs of the Oncology office.  Some of our offerings include; treatment chairs, IV pumps, ProTime monitor, hematology analyzers, IV tubings, IV solutions, needles, syringes, prefilled syringes, Sharps containers, Huber needles, angiocatheters, chemo protection items as well as a full line of IV dressings, gauzes and tapes.

General Medical Supplies Catalog
32 pages
1.7 Mb
5 Minutes with 56K Modem
1 Minute with DSL/cable modem
As a full-line distributor, Omni offers a large selection of products from hundreds of manufacturers.  A sample of our offerings include:  Sphygmomanometers, ProTime monitor, hemoglobin meter, thermometers, needles, syringes, table paper, gowns, capes, dressings, tapes, gauzes and gloves.  We represent too many products to list here.  If there is something you are looking for, give us a call and let us assist you.

Podiatry Catalog (Zipped)
Podiatry Catalog (Un-Zipped)
60 pages
3.5 Mb
15 Minutes with 56K Modem
2 Minutes with DSL/cable modem
Omni meets the needs of the podiatry office by stocking a variety of products that are commonly used.  We carry casting material, cast pads, cast boots, bandaging supplies,
foams, felts, moleskin, gloves, surgical shoes, socks, tapes, syringes, needles, unna boots and x-ray film.

Home Healthcare Catalog
68 pages
7.4 Mb
20 Minutes with 56K Modem
4 Minutes with DSL/cable modem
Omni can supply all sorts of required items for Home Healthcare and related items. For pricing and availability please contact us today

Credit Application
2 pages
60 Kb
20 Seconds with 56K Modem
4 Seconds with DSL/cable modem
Omni's standard Credit application form.


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