Our Customers

Omni Medical Supply is proud to service a wide variety of medical providers including:

U of M Health Systems Homecare

"Omni has been my handy tool of my job. Whenever I needed a medical surgical product fast, I could always rely on Omni to pull through and get that item quickly."

-- Scott Patton
Inventory Specialist

Family Surgical

"Omni has been my supplier since 1997 when I first learned about the company. Receiving the product has never been more than 2-3 days in Alabama and 1-2 days in Michigan and Indiana"

-- Moses Kauffman
Vascular Sonographer

Dr. Haller, Hug, & Pepp, P.C.

"I've always enjoyed working with Omni, because of their personal relationship with us. They have always been there when we need them."

-- Edna Spann

Delray CBOC

" It's great doing business with Omni. Everyone is very helpful - Kelly, Beth to name a few."

-- Winnet Reid
Clinic Administrator

Endoscopy Center of NETN

"Omni Medical is an outstanding organization, which has been very helpful in meeting all of my Endoscopy needs when I call them."

-- Cindy Loyd
Director of Endoscopy

Ultrascan, Inc.

"We are very pleased with the service Omni Medical has provided for our company. They are always helpful, friendly, and very prompt."

-- Keri Davis
Office Administrator

Visiting Nurses Assoc. of SE Michigan

"We appreciate the support that Omni Medical has given us by identifying new products that can improve our agency's performance and clinical outcomes."

-- Rosanne Brunoni
Director of Clinical Innovations

Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan

"Omni Medical has always been very efficient, been willing to expand product line, had a comprehensive product availability for lymphedema clients, and been customer service oriented - Thank you"

-- Barbara Funk
Senior Occupational Therapist
Lymphedema Program Coordinator

Cardiologia Diagnostica

"Your service has been excellent for many years."

--Hugo Nugaray Gonzalez

Cameroon Baptist Convention, Cameroon, Africa

"My husband and I are medical missionaries, who travel to Cameroon, Africa early every year for 5-6 weeks. We educate women and men to be Trained Birth Attendants (TBA's). After instruction, these individuals go back to their homes and start taking care of the prenatal patients (as well as delivering their babies). This course was started a decade ago, because many villages were too far away from the hospital for pregnant women to go, in cases of emergency. This training program has saved countless lives. Your company donated hundred of latex gloves and many protective eye goggles, which were not only instrumental, but also life saving to this TBA program.

Currently, 13% of the population of Cameroon is HIV positive. This past March, when we were there, one of the Trained Birth Attendants told us that she got blood 'splashed' on her face, eyes and mouth while she was delivering a baby from a mother who was HIV positive. Unfortunately, in Cameroon, medications are not available to decrease the possibility that health care workers (or any-one else) will get HIV during an 'exposure.' This woman had to wait six, long agonizing months until her negative HIV status was confirmed.

When I heard this story, I had tears in my eyes. Luckily, I had supplies from OMNI with me. I handed ser a few hundred latex gloves, a pair of protective eye goggles and several face masks. She started to cry and said that she would be praying for not only me, but also for the people at your Medical Supply Company, who made this life saving gift possible!
I would like to personally thank each of you, at Omni Medical Supply, for all the assistance given to our missionary work in Cameroon. Without your generosity, our missionary trips would still be a dream in our hearts, instead of the wonderful reality of what it is today.

-- Alison LaFrence
Volunteer Christian Physician / Family Physician


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