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Designed specifically for nurses in alternate site environments where the pump's simplicity and low cost of operation are ideally suited to basic infusion work flow needs.

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Simple programming and pump operation require less time for training, more time for patient care

  • Simple, intuitive user interface (simplicity = safety)

  • Requires the fewest programming steps of any similar pump on the market
  • Large, easy-to-read display provides all pump information at a glance

Built in Safety features protect patients

  • Pump-based free-flow protection; additional set-based free-flow protection also available

  • Tamper resistant: Quick one-touch lockout feature
  • Alarms include occlusion and air-in-line

Designed with the bottom line in mind

  • The Z-800 offers the best value infusion pump on the market today with lowest total cost of ownership

  • Lower Maintenance costs due to durable design
  • Additional long-term cost savings achieved over life of the pump with Zyno administration sets

Ergonomic design is easy to transport, built to last

  • Compact size, light weight, case aluminum casing and robust design features mean the Z-800 is built to last, even in the most punishing environments

  • Pump durability translates into significantly lower maintenance costs
  • Compact size and lightweight means it is easy to transport for both nurses and patients
  • Quiet operation

Flexible operation for all your needs

  • Multi-Therapy Modes:

    • Continuous Rate/Volume

    • Continuous Time/Volume          

    • Ten Step Sequence       

    • TPN

    • Protocol

    • Intermittent           

Upgradeable architecture platform designed for easy future feature enhancements.

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