Omni Medical Supply buys, sells, and rents new and refurbished pumps.  We are dedicated to serving your entire pump needs promptly and professionally.

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      Office hours Monday through Friday

(8:00-5:30 EST)

      Same day delivery available in SE Michigan                                   

      No minimum rental period                                      

      Daily rentals

      Pay per use rental available

      Monthly billing                                                                         


Baxter AP2, Baxter 6201, BD Syringe 360, Cadd Legacy+, Cadd Prizm (VIP), Cadd PCA, Cadd Plus, Cadd TPN, Enteral Joey Pump, Ross Flexiflo, Gemini PC-1(PC-2), Gemstar, Graseby, Infusa-T, Kangaroo, Medex 2010, Sigma 6000+(Abbott, Baxter, McGaw), Sigma 8000(Abbott, Baxter, McGaw), Vista Basic, Zyno Pump. 


If there is a particular item that you are looking for that you do not see, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

TO ORDER: CALL 1-800-860-OMNI or 1-248-360-8000


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